Your choice of Basmati or brown rice cooked with meats and delicately spiced. Gluten free, Dairy Free. This does not come with an extra side of rice, your rice option is cooked with the meat of your choice.


Protein choices

Chicken, Chicken Tikka (White meat, contains dairy +$1), Lamb (+$2), Salmon (+$3), Shrimp (+3$)

Rice option

White rice (Basmati), Brown rice

Mix Vegetables

No mixed vegetables, Add mixed veggies (Seasonal assortment +$2)

Spice level

Mild (1 out of 7), Mild+ (2 out of 7), Medium (3 out of 7), Medium+ (4 out of 7), Hot (5 out of 7), Hot+ (6 out of 7), Indian hot (7 out of 7)