A staple of Indian Cuisine, a creamy sauce with authentic spices. Gluten free, can be made dairy free.


Protein choice

Chicken Tikka (white meat, contains dairy), Lamb (+$1), Salmon (+$2), Shrimp (+$2), Crab (+$4)


Normal (contains dairy), Dairy Free (Coconut milk +$1)

Rice option

White rice (Basmati), Brown rice

Mix Vegetables

No mixed vegetables, Add mixed veggies (Seasonal assortment +$2)

Spice level

Mild (1 out of 7), Mild+ (2 out of 7), Medium (3 out of 7), Medium+ (4 out of 7), Hot (5 out of 7), Hot+ (6 out of 7), Indian hot (7 out of 7)


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